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    Post Finding Unfreeze Address

    The Unfreeze Address is a must when looking for offset/structure's. This would be the first address you will look for before attempting to find any other offset/structure. Reason the unfreeze address is needed....some value's can not be found if the process is not active. Note: Unfreezeing the Client will not effect your pause process Hotkey.

    Step 1:
    Go into game and press the Hotkey you made for pause process. Now go to Cheat Engine and search for 1 (First Scan).


    Step 2:
    Unpause the process. Search for 0 (Next Screen).


    Step 3:
    Go into game and press the Hotkey you made for pause process. Now go to Cheat Engine and search for 1 (Next Scan).


    Step 4:
    Unpause the process. You should now have only 1 Green address double click on it so it gets added to your address list.


    Step 5:
    Double click on the Value of the Unfreeze Address you just added to your list and change the value to 1. Then Click OK.


    Step 6:
    Now Check the Frozen Box.

    Your Client is now always active using the unfreeze address. It is now possible for you to start finding other offset/structure's!
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