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    Wink PW Pack open AutoHotkey script

    First, let me say this is my first post, so apologies if this has been done before.

    I have never liked having to repeatedly click to open packs especially on private servers. I also don't like the mouse-clicker scripts. I have been working on and improving this .ahk for a few months and would like to share:

    For set up drag your packs onto slots in the Fkeys, I use F5-F8, nut if you want to use any of to F1-F8 keys by all means make it work for you. You will also notice a ";" (semicolon) on the lines for F6-F8, those lines are just commented out. If you wish to use them just remove the ";".

    To start/stop the hotkey press F11 (chosen because PW client doesn't use this key)

    using this script you can also continue to play the game as long as you don't need the buttons your packs are on. Happy gaming!!
    ; Written by Tad Peterson
    ; This script is for opening packs, should 
    ; work on any PW server private or retail.
    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 5		; Do not change this, it will stop functioning.
    F11:: 						;Set button to start/stop script. I use F11 since it is not used in PWI.
    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
    if toggle 
    	toggle := false				; Do not change this section.
    toggle := true
    	if toggle
    		Sleep 500			; More can be added here if desired
    		SendInput {F5}		; Best to use SendInput and whatever button you choose.
    		Sleep 1000			; 1000 = 1 second, this is in miliseconds.
    		;SendInput {F6}		; If you want to not use a line add ";" at beginning of line.
    		;Sleep 1000
    		;SendInput {F7}
    		;Sleep 1000
    		;SendInput {F8}
    		Sleep 4500			
    	if not toggle
    toggle := false
    Tried to attach the .ahk file and it wouldn't go, but it did take a .zip file.

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