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    PW Offset Finder

    Hello guys, I was looking for ways to find offsets in PerfectWorld by Cheat Engine, but then I found this tool that seeks offsets (including the base address).

    The only problem is that she is old, and now servers as the PWI for example have 2 offsets, and so this program finds the last offset =/ but the first offset of PWI is 34 (HEX VALUE) if you want another offset of other server, talk to me.

    1º-> Open the game
    2º-> Open the tool with Admin (win 7/8/Vista)
    3º-> Click on the "GO'' Button

    Credits to post and PWI First Offset: Myself
    Credits to Program: No0oB

    Scan: 384f878760de6ccdba84c739d49c95a9f08d6998d229379c22 9f47891df8bea6/analysis/ (virustotal)

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