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    Wink BladeMaster (BM) Intervals (aps)


    I Know i had a hard time understanding and trying to figure out the right combination of items/equipment to get for intervals. So i am wondering if anyone needs the help.

    1. Blademasters automatically get higher aps just from fist using. WIth the 1.43 or what not from hit count on all fists.
    2. Aps are very expensive and depends on combinations in gear which ill list below.

    3. Everyone knows Demon spark gives aps, but what ya dont know is it Caps out at 2.86 forever untill you have your TT99 combination bonuses.

    4. Sage vs Demon for 5 aps Ultimatly a Sage BM 5 aps is more difficult to get however will be alot stronger hits than a demon. a Demon will be easier to get to 5 aps and only requires these sets of items listed

    - Lunar Robe -.05 aps roughly 45mil

    -Lunar Claws -.10 aps roughly 60mil

    -Wrists - TT80 -.05, TT90-.10, TT99 -.10 (you want the TT99 ofcourse but any wrist with aps helps but wont make 5 aps without tt99

    -TT99 bonus, 2 items ofcourse gives -05 aps, however if you combine ornaments and armor combos you can gain .10 aps total. Meaning a BM or Barb would use Light Armor evasion Ornatments neck and waist, then Heavy Lionheart Armor. two items of each will give you the plus .10 for aps.

    - lastly for demon you only need either -.05 aps tome or Nirvana legs -.05 aps to be 5 aps BM sparked sage will need Both. Note

    gornox vanity .05 , lunar robe, and wrists .10 makes a Bm normal hits 2.00 aps sparked 2.86

    lunar claws, lunar robe, and wrists .10 makes a Bm normal hits 2.22 aps sparked 2.86

    lunar claws, lunar robe, .10 wrists, and 2 LA ornaments TT99 will make you normal hits 2.50 aps sparked demon 3.33

    lunar claws, lunar robe, TT99 wrists, TT 99 boots or Chest or legs, TT99 LA ornaments x2 will make normal 2.86 aps sparked 4.0

    lunar claws, lunar robe, TT99 heavy wrists plus 1 other heavy, TT99 LA ornaments x2, plus Tome-.05 or Nirv.05 legs makes normal hits 3.33 aps, demon sparked 5.0 aps

    Hope this helps, this can be flippy floppied with LA armor Heavy Ornaments for sins, archers etc. i know it confused me for awhile.

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