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    Perfect World War Cards (Avatar War) - New Horizons

    Avatar War, so reading and a little English which more than half of Brazilians has soon understood as avatars of war, thought at first that it would be some sort of second character for some War genre NW or TW, but is nothing more than Cards, yes! Cards that will give you status, are practically new items, remembering very necklaces and pendants.

    So let the following questions that you may have probably asked yourself:

    1 Getting Avatars of War?

    Answer: Currently the known ways are:

    - Make the yellow Quest that appears after you do rebirth, it will be found in the General Procyon Akr. Continue the mission to win a random card C level, in addition you can get a package that has a chance to see a card level B. Only the second time you rebirth the final part of this mission will appear, I think that maybe chance of the last packet has come a card A.

    - New daily quest in World Primitivo (Primal World), "Assault on Sky Owl" may come in as BR Attack the sky Owls. Mission available for Nv. 50+.

    - New Instance which is also within the Primal World "Flowsilver Palace", available for 100 +.

    - A new event that will be released Tuesday and Thursday at 19 hours, but when he is not working or in PWI.

    - Item available in the cash shop, there is the possibility for you to buy a single item or box with several.


    2 Should I worry about making my Avatar War?

    Answer: It is optional, but if you want to get even stronger is mandatory to have this as it will help your character much more in PvP and even PvE, because if you get a good set of Letters their status will be improved, such as: Defense / attack / HP. You will likely be unable to compete with others who have good cards, if you have not.

    3 To use the Avatar War, I need to be reborn?

    It is not necessary to access the reborn Card War system, but if you do rebirth, will not have access to the daily quests that gives you the grace to do his AW or even what appears on the General so reborn.

    Basic things about the War Cards

    To access the window AW open your inventory and click the button War Avatar, as the image below.


    After opening the window you will see something like the image below:


    Let's look at the window; you will see 6 empty slots, you can equip their cards in these slots War, one card per slot. Furthermore, each slot has a different bonus.

    Destruction: Physical Attack + Attack Magico
    Battle: Physical Attack + Attack Magico
    Longevity: HP + Physical Defense
    Resistencia: HP + Defense Magica
    Primordial Souls: Soul
    Primordial Life: Soul

    If you hover over a card will see something like the image below:


    As you can see the window says "Type: Battle" (Type: Battle), so you must equip it in the slot of Battle. You can equip the cards in any empty spaces if you want, but you will not receive the full bonus card, if you do this. You just received the base status of the slot equipped, but will not get any additional bonus outlined in blue on the card. Each card type to be fitted into the corresponding slot to have better results.


    Check here for a list of all the cards of war: All Avatar War.

    Currently there are more than 200 cards available to players. To see them, go to AW window and click the bottom right button "Letter Book of War" (War Avatar Book). You will see something like the image below:


    Apparently you can only see the status of the cards you already have. For you see your Avatar War, click the lower right button on the Inventory of Cards War (War Avatar Bag) option and see something like the image below, the cards can be drawn from AW window and dragged to the inventory of cards or common inventory.


    Current levels of Cards

    The cards have the following convey C, B, A, S and S + following the sequence of the weakest to strongest. It is not known if the S + cards are available in the game, the rest is confirmed there.

    You can increase the level of your card too, but only the status bases will raise the status in blue letters remain the same.

    To level up a card you will have to consume one another AW. Consume The button is at the bottom center of the window Cards War. Select the card you want to level up, just click Sobreo card slot or that is equipped, the card has to be served at your inventory Avatar of War and click it after pressing the Consume option, once you have done it the cursor change shape.

    You can not feed the target card with top-level cards, in addition may also choose to make the card the Consuming an 'Avatar Box War "(the box containing a random card).


    From what I've been reading there is a certain problem / bug to use Consume cards S, then very carefully.

    Other card info

    Some cards have a secret bonus style set 99 So if you have all the cards from the same "set" received a bonus. But unfortunately all methods of obtaining the cards are random, so you will need luck to be able to close a set of the same set. But anyway it is always better to opt for sets of cards as the status in "white" are increased.

    The War cards are linked to the character, ie, may not trade, sell or be thrown down.

    Some status Cards and War, are changed depending on the class you're using it as image below





    Briefly the same letter to a class will give a different status to another. Whereby been reading operates in the following manner remembered that Resistance refers to the slot. There is a certain account, but do not know where she is based, follows below:

    * attention does not know are true values ​​and what they are based *

    Warriors, Barbarians, Arcane gets 140% on Longevity slot and 80% in Resistencia.

    Archers: 80% Longevity and 120% of Resistencia.

    Mercenaries: 80% Longevity, 120% in Resistencia, 75% and 75% of the Battle of Destruction.

    Priest, Mystic Witch, Wizard and Spiritualist gets 40% in Longevity, 140% in Resistencia.

    * Remembering that I'm not sure how it is made and on what basis is this account *

    War cards can also be Reborn as a character. This can be done in Master Card War (War Avatar NPC) on Kirin Town which is within the Primal World.

    When a card reaches the maximum level you can consume another of the same type, for your Reborn AW high level. As characters, a reborn card back to level 1, but its status is not restados and your gain "exp." Be higher. If you wish to be reborn card for the second time, you have to "feed it" (consume) a card to rebirth 1.

    The card can be reborn twice at most. The first rebirth will give 130% of base status and the second will give 160% of base status.


    If you open the window of War cards, see the left side is something called "Nuema". The Nuema grants you additional bonuses, but it is not affected by card, as far as you know, but different card slots will offer different types of Nuema.

    Destruction: Physical Attack + Attack Magico Nuema
    Battle: Physical Attack + Attack Magico Nuema
    Longevity: HP + Physical defense Nuema
    Resistencia: HP + Defense Magica Nuema
    Primordial Souls: Soul Nuema
    Primordial Life: Soul Nuema

    Levels Nuema

    The levels are called Tier, there are currently 5 Tiers of Nuema and each one level is required.

    Tier 1 - Level 1
    Tier 2 - Level 20
    Tier 3 - Level 45
    Tier 4 - Level 60
    Tier 5 - Level 80

    To raise your level of Nuema you will have to get Orbs of Nuema. Every day the server will select random Boss that will drop orbs of Nuema. Open the window and select Cards War with Nuema the lower right button to see the list of boss.

    Each boss will drop an Orb with a chance to drop one Essence. However, it is not "dropped" just pure, after killing the boss of a kind spirit appears and you must click on it to absorb it, after it will automatically go into your inventory. Right-click on the Orb and its Nuema received the exp. Recalling that in case of more than one player trying to suck the spirit of the boss, only one will randomly receive.

    You can absorb up to 20 Orbs week, the limit is "reset" on Friday at midnight, or at the turn of the Sabbath.

    Worldwide Primitivo has an NPC that will give you a "gift", you can turn 10 cards of war on a C B in the same way that you can make 10 cards turn a B A, but can do this only once.

    Guys, unfortunately this was the best I could, after a long search, I can not say much beyond what was published not to misinformation, I hope this information has been helpful. So please, share, come back and follow us on our social networks.

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