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    English:TUTORIAL L115A1

    Well, as you may be tired of seeing the PB, the L115A1 is in the hands of many players (not only say most because the SSG-69). Many people think that just get the L115A1 will make you a myth (which is not true)! It is with this purpose that I am making this guide, enabling people to play with L115A1 .. >>

    ------> Where to buy it <------

    As I said above, only to have the L11 in hand does not make you good. To become a good sniper you need tranquility, patience and practice muuuuuuuuita!
    You have to be Captain 1, Weapon Kosher or use Hacker to have L115A1! (I'm 5 and CAP have the L115A1 and 30 days of Winchester (I'll test it!))
    I'm not particularly a fan of semi-automatic (Dragunov / / PSG1) ...

    Returning the issue, you should only buy the L11 after:

    ~ * Train enough SSG-69 (Primary Sniper)
    ~ * Control the rush (not perform actions precipitated)
    * ~ Have patience (to wait a while, since the Sniper is not the guy who "rusha")
    * ~ Learning to give Quick-Scope (need not be "badass" just get a sense)

    ------> Advantages and disadvantages <------

    Like any weapon of Point Blank, the L115A1 has its advantages and disadvantages. I will mention two advantages and two disadvantages.


    ~ * Damage - is meant to be lethal if you know the right place to shoot (shots above the waist, in the region between the arms is mortal).
    ~ * Accuracy - after a while you realize how perfect the L115A1 can be! With practice your hit rate with it can reach an incredible 80% (I spent some time doing these calculations, they may vary according to their ability).


    * ~ Shooting - as in any FPS, be a sniper always has the disadvantage that it can take just one shot at a time, which is deadly for you or the opponent.
    ~ * Mobility - despite the L115A1 be the weapon with the lowest weight category (70), snipers are heavy weapons, which greatly decreases the movement, change is always good to know for knife or gun after shooting.

    ------> Titles <------

    I think there may be different opinions from mine, but the vast majority of players are negligent in picking titles. So what titles to choose?

    * ~ Force Special Operations

    Agility +2: slightly decreases the impact that the weight of the gun issue in mobility.
    Increased resistance fall Lv 1: how the snipers sometimes need to jump from balconies, they can lose HP, this effect can reduce the impact that these "leaks" can cause ...

    * ~ Category FRANCO-SHOOTER (Sniper)

    Increased damage on distance: the reason is obvious to equip such a title.
    Reducing speed shooting: the firing rate of the L115A1 is zeroed, ie unchanging (does not change), so this effect does not make any difference! ..

    * ~ Category SPECIALIST PRECISION (Shotgun)

    Increased accuracy of the first bullet: you give one shot at a time, ie, always be your first bullet fired.
    Reduction of hit rate of continuous shooting: L115A1 with no thumb, so this effect does not make any difference ...


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