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    Wink PB br Wall name+matar próprio time+edição de armas+weapon hack novo método+FZ+outros.

    do not know if others caught in PB

    There are about 200 + or-address ... There are almost all the hacks that I have at the moment, I will not divulge some place or because the game would be chaos!
    File is in cheat engine. CT, any version of cheat engine can open it (I recommend using the CE 5.6 because that is where you create trainer undetectable using the method of queveio "crash / bug trap")
    Here are some videos on youtube teaching how to make trainer by EC 5.6 (recommended)

    Tutorial wall name.
    The last address of the file. CT will be named "name terror wall slot 0." Divide into slot terrorist and CT / OP.
    Please find a map, if you're all terrorists will change the values of "CT" slot for the same values as the "terror" slot and vice versa.
    If you want to kill themselves "friends", write the slot number where you are when you enter the room and change the value to the team adversário.Exemplo:
    I'm on terror and that would be the first slot slot "0" (theoretically), the value in this byte would be 232 (example) change the value in it for the value that is in any slot of the CT group could be 234 per example.
    In this case, you can kill your friends but will not kill your enemy and when you die will be born at the base of the opposing team.

    Theory slotsPARA UNDERSTANDING! This is fundamental to many hack's file.)
    Terror CT
    slot 0 slot 1
    slot 2 slot 3
    Slot 4 Slot 5
    Slot 6 Slot 7
    slot slot 8 9
    slot 10 slot 11
    slot 12 slot 13
    slot 14 slot 15

    Tutorial to make colorful letter (xdidix method.)
    Put the value "{col: 67,182,243,255}" would be a color code, in this case blue, give space and write algo.Vá the game and press alt + f3 ready = P

    Tutorial Freezekill
    There are two of freezekill address, enter any room and change their value to 255 to enable and disable switch to 3.

    Tutorial Leader of the room.
    It's very simple, it will only work if you are in a room that is "wait." Save the slot where you are, change the value of the address of the leader to hack your number so you will see slot.Após that caught the leader, click replace owner of the room and the host will lose its current leader.

    Tutorial Change the color of the players name. or as it is in CT (color name slot)
    Simple. Change the default value 0 for some number of 1 ~ 10 (the best colors), example:
    I changed all the values ​​of the slot to CT 8, CT became the name of the blue and silent for the TR 2, the name of these will be orange.

    Tutorial Weapon hack (new method).
    In the last address has the function renascer.Quando you die, when the bar respawn change the value "0" to "1" after the respawn your character will not be born (this is great for avoiding freezekill in the room), switch value "1" to "0" again to return to your character (this avoids the ghost mode that perhaps may bugar your game).
    I put also the address of guns and gun (only).
    Change the values ​​of the slot gun and freeze all of them to some desired value of gun the same goes for guns!
    Watch this topic, will be the values ​​of various weapons! How to Weapon Hacker edited playing with guns

    Tutorial hack deck.
    Change the default value "1" to 12 = total mission or mission of the surviving 16 = Level 17 = 2 or Level 2 mission of the dinosaurs.

    Tutorial on respawn.
    Enter the starting value for the visible and change the default value for "40A00000" and freeze valor.Pronto this, you'll be in respawn.

    Tutorial increase in the release of the k-400 and human bomb explosion and fast!.
    There will be two acima.Mude address describing the value of the address of a man pump 255 and the same change to 0 to make the fast explosion if desired.
    Change the value of the release for 67 or 68 or 69, the higher the value the greater the force lançamento.Recomendo put the value 67 and / or 68.

    Tutorial hack skill dual knife.
    Add the value of this address always 1 + to increase the range of dual knife! if the value of the reach of dual negative you will not be able to kill anyone!

    Tutorial damage hack k-400/c-5/dual knife/m7/k-413.
    Change the value to 0 or 255!

    Tutorial Editing weapons.
    It's a little disorganized, but realize that there will be the first address "retreat ssg69" and below it are all values ​​that goes for all, absolutely all weapons!
    For you to edit the weapons or bombs you have to use the universal protection that will be available for download!

    Change the value of targeting some hack to 0
    Change the value of hack recharge / reload for the 16777215
    Change the value of the weight to 187 (weight at 93) to put the weight will take in 100 AD.
    Change the value of the firing rate or TX to 0 will keep the firing rate of 100
    Change the value of the damage or for something less than DN 35, the damage becomes faster than you take 40 dc.
    Change the value of bulletspark or BS to 255
    Change the value of the recoil and / or accuracy to 100 will stay with the recoil

    If your focus is not to trainer, open this file. CT edited at some engine, use the method of trap queveio bug / crash, and use the hack manually =)
    Be smart and use your brain!


    Download da proteção universal!!!!!!(vai ser necessário para editar as armas sem tomar dc!!!!)
    Download Proteção universal.exe from - send big files the easy way

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    I saw this content on another forum that it is not here to talk about that, but believe it is appropriate not to do, get by copying contents of other forums.
    Welcome To PGC.

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    You made an exact copy of the following topic for another forum →[.CT]Wall name+Team Killer+edição de armas+weapon hack novo método+FZ+outros..

    Thanks JeanBR for the link.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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    Looking for work whenever possible. '-'
    Welcome To PGC.

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    Good !

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