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Thread: No upload hack.

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    No upload hack.

    A quick, easy and painless

    1 Walk into any server and then combined in some of the servants of the list (Any)

    Look for Phases 2 ° Dino Mode, look at the information stage and see if it in Round 2

    3 If it is in the 2nd Round (And it does not have Full course) between and kill someone at least once a

    4 When finished you will earn 350 ~ 250 XP depending on whether your team wins or not.

    NOTE: If you do not kill anyone, you will only earn EXP 0
    NOTE: No matter how many people in the room that has just can not be 1x1, otherwise you will gain a good XP
    NOTE: It may happen in some games (with a few) you gain XP, but will always be less than 200 +

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