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    Need guide on making a real Perfect World Bot

    Hi guys,
    Could someone here guide me how to create a real Perfect World Bot?
    Mine only reads values from Perfect World memory (using CE and pointer).
    I have created a function for:
    1. Auto pot (HP, MP)
    2. Auto chat
    3. Auto pet feed

    I make my bot using Visual Basic 6, it uses the function to order the client to press certain key. I want to create a bot with more feature in it. Like auto hunt etc. But I'm afraid that the offset in CE is different than the one posted here.
    I've found a target name address, also the char address. But every time I click another target, the part of longer target name still exists. Example:
    target 1 name: Uzumaki
    target 2 name: Naruto

    When I click Naruto, it becomes "Narutoi" because Uzumaki is lnger than Naruto.

    My first question is: Where should I start if I want to make my own bot?

    Thanks in advance

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