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    PW - character customization

    How to further edit your character
    written by: Riipple

    I understand that in PWI, if you change the default hair of your race, there is a chance that you will be banned. However, in the other versions, I don't think that there is such a rule.


    Create a new character and save a preset. There are lots of people who like to directly use a makeover scroll and do it on their character, but in my opinion it's better to test it out first.

    Go to PW folder -> Element -> userdata -> customize.

    Select the folder of the character you created. Here's a list:
    00 = Male BM
    01 = Female BM
    10 = Male Wiz
    11 = Female Wiz
    20 = Male Psychic
    21 = Female Psychic
    30 = N/A
    31 = Venomancer
    40 = N/A
    41 = Barbarian
    50 = Male Assassin
    51 = Female Assassin
    60 = Male Archer
    61 = Female Archer
    70 = Male Cleric
    71 = Female Cleric
    80 = Male Seeker
    81 = Female Seeker
    90 = Male Mystic
    91 = Female Mystic

    Select the folder of your character & the character of your desired hair, and change the hair code. It will look something like this:
    idHairModel = 1114
    idHairTex = 1099
    You need to change BOTH numbers.

    Click save on the new character and go into the world to see if it works. When you're satisfied, take your main character and buy a makeover scroll & change the looks on that one^^
    Note: You can get a free makeover scroll at level30 in a quest around the Silver Pool area.


    Same as above, except change this code:
    bodyID = 3
    colorBody = -1
    headScale = 125
    upScale = 114
    waistScale = 109
    armWidth = 114
    legWidth = 112
    breastScale = 128
    Into a larger/smaller number between 0 and 500.


    REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE PRESET FILE, NOT THE ORIGINAL. If you change the original, you'll be stuck with that one for all the other characters you might create of that class in the future.

    Happy editing!!

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