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    PWI Catshop Seller and Buyer Indexer

    • Display purchased and saled Items from all scanned Catshops
    • Display purchased and saled Shops from a selected Item
    • Display the items that are sold more cheaply than bought from Shops
    • Search for Items without need of a precise Name or case sensitivity

    what you can do at this point with the online results ?
    • browse all selled items
    • browse all buyed items
    • sort results by id, shopname or price (results are: icon, itemname (right colored), shopname, amount, price and shop cordinates to copy/paste)
    • a click on itemname send you to pwdatabase for item description
    • a click on the magnifying glass show all shops buying and selling the item
    • search a item with its name
    • automatic find all items selled lower then other shops buy it

    Website: Online PWI-Catshop Sniper

    Planed Updates:

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    All things die

    I guess this has expired as the link goes nowhere.
    Anyone there who can point me to a current list?

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