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Thread: DQ Rewards

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    DQ Rewards

    As anyone who plays the game may know the migration of all web based services to the new Arc client has let a couple of old good systems fall by the wayside, especially the DQ Rewards system. This is all well and good unless, like many others, you let your points stack up without spending them. For those of us attempting to redeem our stored up DQ points we're met with a redirect popup of sorts that will (rather annoyingly) only allow us to view the points we now can't redeem before redirecting us to the mostly pointless (for the moment) Arc site.

    However it is possible to access these points and the easiest way is by using the Firefox browser and doing the following:

    1. Go to the old DQ rewards page at

    2. Let the timer on the redirect run out and take you to the new site

    3. Click Back on your browser

    4. Right click on the gray area out to the sides of the redirect and DQ page, then select Inspect Element

    5. Fine the line that reads "<div id="redirect-lb-backdrop"></div>" in the inspector window at the bottom, right click and select 'Delete Node'

    6. And you're done, select your server, character and reward as usual, click submit.

    7. If you want to submit more than one request you will need to close the inspector window before the timer runs out and repeat steps 2-6 again for each reward.

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