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    [Tutorial] How to make hacked weapons in Rohan

    [Tutorial] How to make hacked weapons

    What you need :
    1. A no GG game client
    2. Cheat Engine
    3. The list of items

    This being a tutorial, i will give an example and after that explain the entire process.

    Let's say we have
    part1. Split Dagger 15Melee
    part2. Split Zhen 15Melee

    We want to create an Elite Split Club (Rare)

    The bin ids of part 1 and part2 are :
    Split Dagger - 2621490. We want to turn it into Split Club ( 2621791 )
    Split Zhen - 2622714. We want to turn it into Elite Split Fragment (Club) ( 2621792 )

    Open Cheat Engine, attach it to rohanclient.exe

    Look for 2621490 ( the bin id of Split Dagger ) and edit all the found entries to 2621791 ( Split Club )
    Do the same for part 2 ( 2622714 -> 2621792 )

    Now you can go and forge your Elite Split Club (Rare).

    The explanation, a bit abstract.

    The mapserver doesn't check the forging items bin ids as it presumes that the client already checked them.
    By editing the memory of the client, we fool it into thinking we use the right parts.

    Furthermore, the logs of the mapserver don't include the weapon types, so the moment the weapon is crafted there's no way to check if you used the right parts.

    The only way they can catch you is if you re-use crafed parts as normal parts for another rare :
    We make a Elite Split Club and we want to use it as part for the rare again.
    All we have to do it switch the ids of the Elite Split Club with the id of a part for the rare and we can use it again.

    Anyway, feel free to ask anything on this thread.

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