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    Shin Megami Tensei

    Hi there! I am requesting help with hacking this very addictive mmorpg, I have been playing since 2008 and I have spent hundreds of dollars in this game. Now the reason why I am requesting some help with hacking this game is because I got banned for "Fake item duping" and scamming people out of their in-game currency. I did alittle research with WPE Pro and tried it out on this game and I discovered out to fake duplicate items in the trade window with wpe pro. I screwed around with cheat engine to where I changed my health and it worked but it didn't stick, it was more of changing the value that showed but not actually changing the value to where I had unlimited health. Now I thought to myself if I can do all of this then there has to be alot more that I can mess around with but I am not experienced with WPE Pro or Cheat Engine so I thought I would ask more experienced users with this. Here are the game details as well as the client dl link.

    Official Site: http :// megaten.atlusonline . com/
    Game Type: Free to Play MMORPG
    Game Feature ( based on the info on the site):
    Arrive at the world of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. A post-apocalyptic world in which the forces of law and chaos perpetually wage a war of wills, where you stand at the threshold of new greatness, armed with a demon bound to you by friendship, fate, or hatred…

    Rising out of the darkness from a brutal attack on Second Home, you will find yourself propelled straight into a journey of intrigue and suspense. Fight your way through demon hoards with your Demon partner, all the while chasing down clues in a cinematic storyline featuring you as an integral part to the survival of a slowly dying human race.

    Fight solo or alongside your clan on the side of chaos, law or the neutral mercenary bands with magic or weaponry. Customize your character’s appearance, combat style and strategic battle expertise from the beginning. Fuse your demons into new, stronger allies with unique skills, and modify your weapons and armor so that nothing will stop you when you choose to save the world, or destroy it…

    Download Site: http :// megaten.atlusonline . com/ (top right it says "download now")

    Client Size:1.36gb

    System requiorements: Pentium4 , 512mb memory, geforce4

    Playerbase: Medium ( according to MMOHUT)

    Protection: doesn't use gameguard or xtrap, but has Hspl from AhnLab which doesn't show on program start up nor in the process tree.

    Oh and by the way there are no hacks current found anywhere for this game, only a multiclient and bot. They said Sorien did a hack but didn't release it.

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    Bump. Can anyone please help me?

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