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    League of Legends - Wukong

    In my experience, Wukong is the most enjoyable League chamption I've played. Traditionally, a strong aggo build is to start off with long sword +5 hp pots and then build into a Brutalizer and a Vamp Scepter. Thereafter, go into you Black Cleaver and your choice of either a Bloodthirster or a Ravenous Hydra. From there build either your Warmog, Trinity Force, or Last Whisperer based on preference and enemy team comp. When starting, I've found maxing out your dash(e) is most beneficial. Wukong is tanky and the DPS boost from it is very efficient at bursting down opponent. At level three you should have a point in each of your skills. Level 1-e; level 2-q, level 3-w. Your basic combo should be poking enemy with your q to reduce armor, then go in with your e which will do greater damage within the next few seconds. Against certain enemies, you may need to play more passively, but this has been working out for me recently.

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