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    Post System Guilds

    Hello everyone, I am a big fan of games, I'm looking forward to the opening of the Brazilian servers epaulet, epaulet abroad had not played, so I'm doing great studies about the game.

    I hereby pass this little tutorial for newbies like me what I learned about the system of guilds ...

    I hope to help =)

    Systems Guilds

    When playing Dragona, can form guilds, which are groups of people to help each other or to hunt monsters.


    A guild is a group of people with a special purpose, friendship or group construction. In game one can make battles guids, "GUILD WAR". You can also ask for help from your peers about something that it can not understand.

    Creation and use of guild

    To create a guild you must:
    1 - Character with level 20 or more.
    2 - Cost of 30 or more golds.

    To create >> the guild, visit NPC "Gallactus" in the "City of Suer."

    Names >> guild can be a combination of letters and symbols, and a maximum of 12 characters.

    >> However, special characters and spaces are not allowed.

    >> Once a guild is formed, the founder becomes the "Game Master", the guild master.

    >> The guild consists of five titles: Guild Master, Elder, Guard, Regular Member and Member Pending. Upon entering the guild, the title of Outstanding Member will be assigned and can be raised only by the Guild Master.

    When >> the guild is created can have 10 members. The number of members increases according to the level of the guild.

    To >> develop a guild, you need a badge, which can be acquired from hunting monsters or guild mission.

    The guild >> mission can only be accomplished by the Guild Master, and all guild members may return the emblem of the guild.

    "Guild War" Battle of guilds.

    The guild battle is waged for 5 (five) days, where are 24h to 24h and are beginning to completion, and 72h duel.

    Material >> war or suspension of supply are not applied immediately, but are applied after 24 hours.

    The guard >> neutral NPC does not react to the war between guild members, only if you attack a character that has nothing to do with the war, the guard NPC will react neutral. So be careful.

    Alliance Guilds

    Function >> request for alliance guilds: Guilds can form alliances according to the needs of others.

    Types of partnerships include; Cooperation Equals, Guild Headquarters, and Power Guild.

    1 - Cooperation equal: This is an equal cooperation between guilds.
    2 - Headquarters Guild: This guild is responsible for another guild, so if you ask the guild master branch support during the war, he is forced to join.
    3 - Power Guild: This guild is a subordinate to the Guild Headquarters. Should join the guild headquarters in the war if called.

    Closing Function >> Alliance guilds: This function terminates an alliance between guilds according to need.

    Function >> ban guild: This is a function that can ban a member of the guild that is not suitable for the guild.

    Breaking with the guild

    >> You can leave your guild at any time, but will have a penalty of 10 days without being able to get into another guild.

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