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    Dragonica - F7 Builds (Rokko/Valid Raeth)

    Post whatever Valid Raeth F7 builds you have here.
    Include a short description on how it's done and if possible include a screenshot.
    Do mention how effective the build is, how fast it kills and how far into F7 it goes.

    Basic tip for F7 ; Always get at least 3-4(best to max it out if possible)
    levels into the Point Buff(given by the old dude on the left)
    Ignore the other 2, though the Movement Speed buff is optional.

    Lightning Build (shown by a friend[honestly not sure who since several people did])
    Build Lightning towers all along the INSIDE of the swirl.
    Upgrade the ones closer to the starting point earlier on.
    End-game, all Lv10, all maxed, all spam f2+f3 Buff.
    This build is a fast-killer, but highly unlikely to make it through 50/50.

    Gaia-Frost Build (Shown by madskulls & Kinect)
    Gaia(10) -> Frost(10) -> Gaia(10) -> Frost (5-8)
    The lvl 10 frost is the key.
    This build has a 99% success rate to get through 50/50.
    Endgame, use F2 buff on BOTH GAIAs.

    Tip : A lv10 Frost tower can FREEZE OPPONENTS TO THE SPOT, literally, almost exactly in the same way as black hole towers, however, they can hold up to roughly 20 opponents in total(more, too, but there isn't enough points to go around) When a lv10 Frost tower inflicts freeze, any secondary freeze, whether from a skill or from another Frost tower(second tower does not need to be lv10), the mobs are held in PLACE. This double-slow-hold only takes place when at least one of the two towers is Lvl10, take note.
    My best attempt at maximizing this build's potential was with Kinect, 100% Tower health, 50/50, completed. No stuns required mid-to-late game.
    The end result was Gaia(10) -> Frost(10) -> Gaia(10) -> Frost(8). It seems to currently be impossible to achieve Lv9 for the second Frost Tower, but if anyone would like to prove it possible, you are welcomed.

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