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    Smile Basic Guide to getting started in Ragnarok Online 2 : LotS

    Hello everyone,

    I am here to give basic guides with regards to Ragnarok Online 2 : Legend of the Second

    I will be covering the basic know hows on choosing the class to play in RO2. I will be posting a part 2 shortly, perhaps after the holidays.

    Classes in RO 2

    First Job

    Second Job
    Beast master

    To be able to successfully choose your desired character, you must first know the strengths and weaknesses of each one. I will immediately jump into the second jobs since these are what you need to aim for.

    Knights are considered as mainly a defensive character. They are considered to be the main tanks in the game. However this notion is quite short lived. Knights, although having a ton of defensive skills and increase in defense, It is one of the less used tanks in the game. Although it has a decent skill tree and defense, other tank classes surpass the capabilities of a knight. So before you jump into conclusion and pick a knight on the spot, you better reconsider because in terms of tanks, warriors and monks are more preferred. In terms of DPS, knights are a horrible class to farm nor level with. It has slow attack speed and very minimal offensive skills.

    Warriors are considered as a DPS/Offtank character. They are considered to be very good in dealing damage and assisting the main tanks in game. Lately though, Warriors have become the staple tanks in raid parties because of their decent defense and damage as well as their superb dodge/parry skills. They have taken the part of knights and are one of the widely used tanks in game. I would highly recommend a warrior for those of you who wish to take on the role of a tank and dps at the same time.

    Rangers without a doubt are one of the overpowered damage dealers in the game as of the moment. Insane Attack Speed and a lot of burst damage skills makes the ranger a force to be reckoned with. Rangers are highly flexible damage dealers in both PvE and PvP. It is one of the top damage dealers in the game even with minimal end-game equipments.

    Beastmasters, just like the warrior is a DPS/Offtank type of character. However, beastmasters are barely used in RO2 mainly because of their constricted tanking abilities as well as their horrible damage output. To be a decent beastmaster, you have to get the end-game items. Question for gravity, how can you do this if your character is substandard from the start and is barely invited into raids? So this is something you might want to consider if you plan on rolling a BM.

    Moderate in PvE damage, Useless in PvP. One of the top damage dealers if you know what you're doing and if you have a decent amount of gear. I would prefer a sorcerer over a wizard.

    High Burst Damage, Semi-Healers good for PvE and PvP, one of the most imbalanced class as of the moment in RO2. Good damage dealers even with sub-standard gears and are needed in most raids for their support skills.

    Main Healing class in RO2, very strong single heal spells.

    Alternative Tank in RO2, some monks would create DPS types, however the most widely accepted and used monks are the tank monks. They are versatile in both damage and defense and is the BEST if not one of the best tanks in the game as of the moment.

    Rogues are the melee counterpart of sorcerers minus the heals. Rogues do burst damage with stun skills. They are good damage dealers in PvE and are good to use in PvP as well. Good damage output even with sub standard gears.

    Assassins are burst damage as well, although they do have their disarming capabilities, they are more used than rogues simply because of the need for item flexibility in the raid. This is something I will discuss on my next guide.

    Coming Soon : Guide # 2 about
    Skill and Stat Builds

    Guide # 3 about
    Raiding and Item Flexibility

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