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    Kabod Online drop rates

    hunting Stones that are used for auto hunting with games bot
    can be dropped by any monster from 4 levels below you to 4 levels above
    which makes the chances 5% in 4lvls below 15% 2levels below
    30% in your level and almost 40% up to 4levels above you

    now for the magic 20 level items you can get them from map 2 Denidentia at skeletons top right corner of the map
    drop rates there are overly 30% more than any other mob at the map and its around 5-10% in general

    for magic 30 level items you can grind Kareia Dungeon which is 34+ level for parties mainly but as an archer i can solo it
    at 35 level it drops magical items for any class i think the drop rate there is around 20%.

    that's all i know about the game so far hope it helps someone.
    and thanks for reading!

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