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    A new assembly challenge!

    Hello everyone! I`m new here! I just started to study computer science at university and i also wanted to join this community!
    I didnt started to study assembly yet and i think i should start before all my classmates, and i thought you may help me:P

    I have a challenge received from my assembly teacher:
    There is an executable containing a database with all the students. It is used for checking the presence at seminaries. It is stored on a memory stick. All i have to

    do is to run the exe file, check my name and click one button; now im registered as present!

    The challenge is to modify the database this way: erase another student fom database and insert anyone else i want, so im the end the teacher will see N entries if N

    students were present. So he wont realise the hacking!
    he said he will reward the student who is able to do this!

    I gaved it a try!
    1. I copied the exe file to my laptop!
    2. I tried to use PEID to get some info about it and i saw its compressed with "UPX 0.89.6 - 1.02 / 1.05 - 2.90 -> Markus & Laszlo"
    3. I couldnt decompress it
    4. I used Olly Dbg , because the teacher said we need to know assembly in order to hack it, but because i dont know assembly i didnt know what to do there )
    5. I decided to ask here for help!

    This way i consider you will have a challenge and i will learn something if you can explain me how to do the modification in the database!

    Thanks in advance, and i wait for your answers!

    P.S. i attached the program so u can play with it!

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