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    Elsword DMG hack C.E

    - Elsword start
    - Cheat engine start by Admin

    - Search setting of 4 bytes convert to float

    - Ins Dungeon go off & Waffle

    - "Value between" (magic) look (rounded down first value, second value is rounded up) Attack

    - Back into the game and weapon clean.

    - After changing the attack looking for (next scan) (again "value between" and rounded)

    - All values ​​2/3/5 drag down

    - Value to 99999999 (8x the 9)!

    - Switch to Active

    - Set Speedhack (maximum 2.2, better 1.8)

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    I was looking for an area for pure Elsword Hacks. What version of Elsword are you using? Cheat Engine works in EU and other servers except NA. In the meantime, Packet editing works in NA and I managed to make Cheat Engine undetectable by Xtrap - But after the last patch *1 or 2 before the last* it was patched again. Resource Hacker (program) helped me do that. In any case, I think there should be an area to discuss Elsword related stuff.

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