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    Wink Kal online No delay Tutorial

    Start Kal and LogIn at your Character. Then start your Cheat Engine !
    Click on the left folder with the wheel and open the kal engine.
    Click on Memory Browser in your UCE. Now go to a lower line and rightclick on it, then on "Search Memory". At From you write 000000, under that there is a line where you write the CORRECT skillname ( Thunder Storm, Ice Restriction etc.. )! Then press Ok.
    If you made all right then there will appear the skill name behind the first line. Notice the FIRST 4 letters of that line and close the memory browser. Now search for Memory Scan Options in the middle of your UCE. First select All then write at from the 4 letters from the Memory Browser search, at to the same. Then write behind from 4 x 0 ( for example 01E50000 ) at to you do the same but with 4 x F ( for example 01E5FFFF ).
    Now look in the skill list for your skill you want to cooldown with. Look at the Number that is written in compare 4 and write it in the search line of your revolution engine. Then press First Scan. Now there must be some adresses on the left. Doubleclick them till they appear below.
    Freeze them and change value to 0 !!
    Tadahhh ^^ If you done all right you will be able to cooldown now. Have Fun :P

    PS: If you do the same with compare 2 you can change the rage of the skill by making the value higher! (works only with mage skills)

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