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    Metin 2 HackShield Bypass


    -Made from a request-

    Game Site: Metin2 - Oriental Action MMORPG


    1. Extract "YCMetin" anywhere(2files) and open it when the game is not on.
    2. Extract "metin2client.exe" to the installed folder of metin2.
    3. Run YCMetin and open the game from double clicking on metin2client.exe
    4. Game should have hackshield removed and the memory is free to edit.


    - Pretty sure this hackshield has heart beat functions because i get dc every few mins when i log in. -> don't know how to bypass yet.
    - The metin2client was made from renaming "metin2client.bin" to "metin2client.exe" -> a way to skip updating etc
    - Only tested in win7 64bit.

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    thank you =)

    You get kicked of system protection the first time u get kicked is an avertisment and the seccond time is bann

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    Let me try this game too... looks very nice too, hope it still works

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