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    [Guide] How to read into Warcaft 3 maps?

    You need 2 tools to read the script in warcraft 3 maps.
    Jasscraft and MPQ editor.

    Jasscraft and mpq master will be attached since I am not authorized to post links.

    First, we use the MPQ editor to open .w3x o .w3m file.
    then find war3map.j or /scripts/war3map.j
    and open it with jasscraft.
    the script file will open up.
    it is similar to programming I think.
    it has globals, endglobals, and function main
    globals states the global variable.
    endglobals list the functions
    and function main calls the functions to work.
    good thing about warcraft cheating is that you can learn jass without knowing any previous programming language,
    from what I've heard.
    so if anyone interested or also does warcraft 3 cheating.
    we can share our knowledge.

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    I did this before when making collided map (if you remember Maischoyu from GZP forum years ago) before it finally got patched, i'm not sure if it still possible to break the crc checks.
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