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    MapleStory Bot and Hacks [GMS 0.103] G G 2 v0.08.01

    What's New?
    I have made several changes to this version of GG2, most of which has been listed as future features in the old GG2 thread. The main changes are as follows:

    1. Completely reworked botting system.
    Implemented a schedule system. There will not be much of a difference felt through the use of botting features however this system will make changing things in the future much easier

    2. Save/Load/Disable all enabled hacks
    The three new buttons on the left side are save/load/disable all hacks buttons. The save button allows one to save all enabled (checked) hacks. The load button will allow one to reenable all hacks saved previously. Right clicking any of the three buttons will bring up a pop-up menu allowing one to save enabled states as a seperate files that can be then loaded at a later time allowing long term saves.

    HINT: clicking disable all once will disable all hacks EXCEPT physical godmode (if it is enabled). Clicking disable all again will disable all hacks including godmode.

    3. Profiles
    It's common to have multiple accounts and that's what the profile system is for. For instance you might have auto pot set to 100hp and 100mp for one account but you may wish to set it to 1000hp and 1000mp on another. The profile system allows one to easily switch between character settings

    Hint: New profiles can be added by first typing in a name for your profile in the box beside the plus sign. Then click the plus sign (aka the New profile button). Removing profiles can be done in a similar way. Simply select the profile from the drop down and then click the minus sign (toolStripButton1...oh wait OPS).

    4. Fixed kami (now it's only half dead)
    I implemented a cheap fix to kami. AKA simply adding a delay to kami such that using it will not dc you. The good thing with this is that kami is now most likely the safest vac hack on this trainer (I've tried botting with it for 4 hours before quitting with no problems at all). The second good thing is that kami now works for all character and skills meaning any skills with air check can be used!

    Recommended Configurations to Botting
    These two configurations are most likely the safest and most effective configs. If you are new or have been banned way too much maybe trying one of these will help:

    • Kami - Enable these (with the specified settings):
    • Kami (with default settings)
    • Auto CS (timed): 300 (30 seconds)
    • Auto CC (people): 0
    • Auto attack, skill, pot as needed (remember to set the delay for auto attack to something equal to or over 100)
    • WARNING: Auto loot with kami is NOT recommended and is known to cause [increased odds of] auto bans.
    • Note: Anything not specified here is best left disabled

    • Wallvac - Enable these (with the specified settings):
    • Wallvac (with default settings)
    • Auto CS (timed): 150 (30 seconds)
    • Auto CC (people): 0
    • Auto attack, skill, pot, loot as needed (remember to set the delay for auto loot/attack to something equal to or over 100)
    • Physical Godmode
    • Note: Anything not specified here is best left disabled

    Yep maprusher is still crippled but is usable if you follow the following instructions:
    1. Go to the map rusher tab and click refresh map
    2. Head over to your nearest portal and position yourself right on top of it
    3. Press F11 and then press the up arrow key (this should allow you to enter the portal)
    4. Check if it worked by looking for a "key" under the acquire key button
    5. If it didn't work repeat steps 2-4 (you need to press F11 THEN enter the portal, also the faster you do this the better)
    6. You are done! You should now be able to use maprusher normally.

    To use maprusher after set up, simply select a map from the list and click rush!

    Safe Mode
    For new users, safe mode is a mode that this trainer operates in that allows the trainer to function without a bypass since no bypass is publicly available right now. In other words use this trainer in safe mode. You can enter safe mode by clicking the safe mode button in the toolbox at the very top of the trainer then follow the instructions in the pop up.
    NOTE: The trainer is-by default-in safe mode.

    GG2 like GGTrainer is equipped with fully dynamic pointers. In layman terms this trainer can update itself to work on any version of maplestory (ok maybe not any)! To update the trainer click on the update button in the toolbar. The toolbar is located at the very top of the trainer. There you will see an assortment of buttons with icons. If you are not sure which button is the update button, keep hovering your mouse over the icons till you read one that says update!

    Change Log
    [+]Added the "Set location by mouse" button to wall vac as requested (this update is optional and is not major)

    Virustotal result: 0%

    Credits to h4x0rZ .

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