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    [Info] Red Cliff

    Red Cliff

    Genre: Historical
    Status: Free to play
    Developer: Perfect World Beijing Ptd. Ltd.
    Publish: Cubinet Interactive Sdn. Bhd.
    Official Web: ChiBi | RedCliff
    Official Forum: ChiBi | RedCliff


    It was an era of warfare and those fighting for their objectives and goals were embroiled in fiery conflicts. Turmoil of the Ten Attendants that happened at the beginning of the Jian'an era caused the disappearance of the Imperial Seal and this left the Han Dynasty in jeopardy. Legend has it that the Imperial Seal possesses a mysterious power that can suppress the surge of revolt all around China. He who owns and solves the secret of the Imperial Seal can hold the key to conquer the whole of China.

    In Red Cliff, you can be whoever you want. Whether as the powerful Wei warlord, Cao Cao; the strong Dian Wei; the courageous and intelligent Shy General Zhao Yun; the skilled warrior Zhang Fei; loyal and handsome Wu Commander Zhou Yu or brave warrior Gan Ning, you can change the course of destiny! Get ready to enter the realm of the Red Cliff where you take charge of your army as one of the heroes in the Three Kingdoms.

    Game Features :
    18 Weapons System:
    Red Cliff is the pioneer in the 18 Weapons that became famous in the gaming history of China. Players can now choose to master one weapon and match with another secondary weapon to perform better.

    Concept of Mobile Attack:
    Red Cliff game character's action sequence is overseen by a famous martial art choreographer in person. Using advanced motion capture system, every skill and movement in the game emulates real-life action. Attack range is no longer limited to where you stand, you can now leap, pierce, slash, chop, block... Red Cliff restored classical Chinese martial arts, performed in front of you as real! You can now fight in game!

    War of The Three Kingdoms:
    Equally divided three kingdoms, our heroes are losing their balance of conquered land. After a long period of serenity, Wei from north, Shu from west and Wu from east are well-equipped and their armies trained well; the threat of war hangs by a thread.

    Greatest Battlefield System:
    Conquest, Romance, Legend, Supreme- the perfect four battlefields completes the Red Cliff battlefield system. This including PVP, PVE and more exciting battle mode that will transport you through the thousand year old history.

    Dominating Land and A Stronger Army:
    March your troop of elite army to storm enemies gates, sweeping aside those that gets in the way of your conquest and expand your land. Lead your Army well into the battle field and show the world your mighty army.

    Fine and Flawless Production:
    Production system is essential in Red Cliff. From smithing weapons to cooking delicacies, players can also produce enhanced stone in several attributes to create their own unique equipment.

    Everyone Can Rule:
    The official Ranking System paves both literary and military road for players. Even valiant heroes or an educated sage can have the authority to rule the world.

    Rewriting History:
    You would want to record your glorious conquests. As it accumulates, it will become your personal reputation. For those obscure players, earning greater reputation signifies gaining greater support from people within the area. In other words, reputation symbolizes your personal status in Red Cliff.

    Game Trailer

    CPU: Intel P4 2.4GHZ or equivalent
    RAM: 512MB or Above
    Graphic Card: GeForce2 64MB or above
    Space: 1.5GB or above

    Client Download Page
    Stupid official downloader (1.8Mb)
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