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Thread: Prius and CE

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    Prius and CE

    Any have any luck getting through to CE on prius online (anime redux)?, seems every time i search for a value, the values keep changing, never stay the same.

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    hey, I had this problem back in the day with Halo for the PC, think of it from the game's perspective: Even though the memory address value that you're looking at is different, the hp or whatever you're searching for is still displayed in game, right? Therefore, the game must be storing it somewhere else! In order to find this location, work backwards from what you have at the time - a working memory address. In other words, while you still have the current memory address, attach to Prius with Olly or your favorite debugger, and find out what's accessing that memory address using a on write or on read hardware breakpoint. From there, find out how that function is accessing it (it shouldn't be constant), this may or may not be the pointer you're looking for, you may have to go up a few more levels. I hope this helps

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