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    Rohan FPS Cap Removal

    Hey guys i removed the 20 Fps Cap that was implemented into Rohan a while ago (the game runs so choppy at 20 fps) doing this will bump up the limit to 60 fps, for anyone who has basic knowledge of reversing there should be no problem changing the limit to one you want:

    First of all open up the client in IDA, no need to wait for it to analyze or anything because all we need to view is the imports, go to the first call of TranslateMessage():

    Next we scroll up until you get to the piece of code:

    seg000:0044F468                 xor     edx, edx
    seg000:0044F46A                 mov     eax, 3E8h
    seg000:0044F46F                 div     ds:dword_B7CA64
    seg000:0044F475                 mov     esi, eax
    seg000:0044F477                 call    ds:timeGetTime
    What you want to do now is double click on where it says B7CA6A and it will bring you to the part we need:

    Lastly all we need to do is fire it up in a hex editor, the one i use is free by the way, then we go to the offset we noted down in the previous screenshot and modify the byte from "14" to "3C", and save:

    and you are done if the server uses a check for a modified client on startup and re-patchs like the one for this server did then you just simply use WriteProcessMemory to patch the value while the client is running.

    Hope this helped someone in some way, i know when i apply this patch that it makes the game much more enjoyable for me anyway.

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