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    Wink Mini Heroes Hack masive dupe

    What you need!

    1.Wpe Pro
    2.Suggested browser K-Meleon
    3.Armor Games account

    1st step go to auction house
    open auction tab
    select item to auction that you want duped
    start recording on wpe pro
    hit auction
    stop recording wpe pro
    add packet to send list that auctioned the item
    go to my auctions tab
    find auction you just listed
    start recording on wpe pro
    remove auction
    stop recording wpe pro
    add remove auction packet to send list
    then right click on the packet you just added to send list in the packet window and click "set send list with this socket id"
    go to send list and check both send boxes
    click send and set it for 100 millseconds continuous
    go back to mini heroes and click on auction tab and go back to wpe pro and click on play and wait like 30 seconds and wala when you go back to mini heroes my auctions tab you will have like 20 of the itme you wanted duped!!!!!

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