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    ROHAN make crystales

    I want to share this information co those who still do not know how to make their own crystales for strengthening arms and armor.
    It is a very simple process, the necessary ingredients are purchased on a npc, ested need to buy regular items, I always prefer to do it with daggas, for example:

    Normal wepons need: Kriss Shining, Onyx Eye Stiletto, Silent Kriss, Flame Dirk
    to create rare wepons, need: Faira's Kriss, Embla's Dirk
    for unique wepon: Lewis' Maingauche

    Now above contact Craft Studio and find a mill near the treasury, position there the unique objects and you get crystales grade A.

    Lewis' Maingauche Grade A
    Kish's Kriss Grade B
    Armenes's Dagger Grade C
    Spirit of Ferdinant Grade D
    Dirk of Rev'Deca Grade F

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