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    Question Alliance of Valiant Arms

    Hello, very helpful forums here i have found more working releases here for many games then i have found anywhere else. That being said, WOW good job to all of the coders and true hackers.

    There is a first person shooter named Alliance of valiant arms also known as AVA. There are a few sites that were making hacks for it 6 or more months ago but all of the sites i know have discontinued all releases.

    Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with the game ? Or if there is any chance that it can be opened as a new project (even tho i know you all are very busy).

    AVA has an AI game mode that rewards weapons for match completion, using hacks for that is very nice considering the rewards are very helpful.

    Anyways this is my first post here, and like i said at the beginning of this post...


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    AVA seems to be protected by the latest version of nProtect GameGuard, that aside I have heard its not possible to alt+tab in order to switch to another window while in a match and the game cannot be run in a window so apart from a bypass for gameguard which is known to be one of the best anti-cheats one would have to figure out how to switch from the game to a different window successfuly.

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