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    [The War Z] item dupe idea

    I'm not sure where to put this thread because this game isn't listed in the list of games anyway enough of my ranting.

    If anyone here plays The War Z I'm sure you would have heard of item duping and the patch to fix it.
    The old technique briefly was pretty much load 2 clients log onto one client drop items then log onto the second client
    to crash the game.
    How the dupe actually works is when you open the second client the game crashes which forces your
    char too back track a little bit.
    The old technique for duping was patched recently but you still back track if your client crashes the patch managed
    to stop players from loading multiple clients to force a crash. but because the game is still in alpha it isn't very hard to get
    the game to crash.
    One idea of mine was to get Wpe packet sniffer and overload the client with packets to force a crash and also maybe find
    other glitches with it.
    I'm posting this so that if anyone else has any other ideas of how we can force the game client to crash to post. I'm also a new member and really need access to Wpe to also find other loopholes with the game which I'm willing to share with the rest of the community hopefully I could even start a sub Thread on The War Z for glitches and hacks.

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