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    Slender- Tipps [english]

    Hey Guys!

    Here are some tipps how to make it to the level and find every of the 8 notes without dying to often

    Tipp n°1: Get known to the map!

    If you play the game for the first time, just go around and try to get known to the map.
    The slenderman won´t follow you if you have no page found until you find one.

    Tipp n°2: Don´t waste energy!

    The batteries of the flashlight don´t have unlimited power. Remember that and
    use your flashlight with sanity!

    Tipp n°3: take the note in the house first!

    Try to take the note in the house immediately at the beginning,
    if you take it later the house becomes a mortal trap of the Slenderman.

    Tipp n°4: Never take the same way!

    The Slenderman remembers your way of playing, so try to act incalculable.

    Tipp n°5: Never turn around!

    Never turn around and stay in movement. If you see the slenderman, turn around and start running.
    Before you do that turn of your flashlight.

    I hope the tipps will help you ^^
    btw. correct my English if i have written something wrong!

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    reason beyond the battery, there is another advantage to turn off the flashlight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodizipaZX View Post
    reason beyond the battery, there is another advantage to turn off the flashlight?
    Yep. 'Cuz if u turn the flashlight off, u won't see him, and the only way he can catch u is when u look at him.

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