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Thread: Wasteland (2)?

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    Wasteland (2)?

    A few of you may have played Wasteland back in the 90's.
    Me, myself, wasn't even born when that game came out (1988). But as a game enthusiast, I ended up playing it later, some years ago, using DOS-Box.

    It's really hard to play a game that is THAT old, really poor interface makes us confuse lots of times. But, once you get over that, the game is actually very good for its time. It is supposedly the game which came before Fallout. Believe it or not, a game by EA and Interplay.

    If any of you get curious, here are some links. I don't really recommend playing the game, since it's really old and we are not used to classic style (or pre-historic, if you will) interface. We can't really have the same fun the gamers had by then, but the Kickstarter results (almost 3M) says something.

    I'll drop some images here, just so you won't have to look them up (actual resolution, it's really old):

    But now, it's a classic crpg, high quality stuff, with three times the pledged funds in Kickstarter. Will probably be a game that reminds us of classic fallout series, but word is it is going to be more party-oriented (as original wasteland was) instead of single char (plus minor companions) like fallout 1&2.

    Good thing, it'll be DRM-free, estimate date is October (2013, unfortunately) and it's pre-order price is $20.
    I am actually really excited for this release and wanted to share the word that a good RPG is in the oven, what about you, have you ever even heard of Wasteland?



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