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    BoneTown [ver1.1.1] - All addresses you need to mess with the game

    Okay, so if you play BoneTown,
    You might want to customize your character attributes.
    So, here is all the addresses you need to know/I've found.

    Base Pointer: (All of the addresses are 4 bytes 2 level pointers)
    932A28 0x2B8

    Base Ball Size - 0x474
    Money - 0x478
    Health - 0x46C //Freeze it at MAX value: 1065353216
    Fight Power - 0x47C
    Ball Size - 0x48C
    Stamina - 0x808 //Freeze it at MAX value: 1065353216
    Target's Stamina/Orgasm - 0x80C //Make a hotkey & set value to: 1065353216
    //Items amount
    Beer - 0x5A0
    Whiskey - 0x5A4
    Weed - 0x5A8
    Mushroom - 0x5AC
    Peyote - 0x5B0
    Toad - 0x5B4
    Crack - 0x5B8
    //Effects (Make a hotkey & set all the values to: 1065353216)
    E.Beer/Whiskey (Ball Size) - 0x5BC
    E.Weed (Jump) - 0x5C4
    E.Mushroom (Shield) - 0x5C8
    E.Peyote (Invisible) - 0x5CC
    E.Toad (Reflect) - 0x5D0
    E.Crack (Speed) - 0x5D4
    //Status (Freeze the value at 1 to do infinite jump)
    Jump - 0x394

    A "wiki" webpage base on BoneTown -

    I found them using Cheat Engine 6.0
    so in case anyone need to .CT file, here is it...

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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