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    Cheating for the Gaming experience

    Hi I've been long time cheater and I have grown tired of god modes, infinite items just because it kinda takes away from the RPG elements which is especially true for some games.
    When I cheat nowadays, I kinda still want to experience the character progression and building up my inventory and follow through the story unlocking it bit by bit but with the assistance of a hack.
    Today I would like to introduce the joys of using a slowhack for offline FPS/RPG games like Farcry 3/4. I've been using the speedhack to slowdown the game giving me time to align my shots right through their heads so I am able to headshot. It gives me the feeling of
    being good in the game without overly feeling. Try it for yourself and bind a key to the speedhack on cheat engine to slow down time whenever you encounter the enemies to give you infinite
    bullet time effect and align every shot perfectly. it's kinda funny too since you'll see them squirm in slo-mo and the bullets flying in the air is awesome. If anyone is interested I will be doing a tutorial on
    how I do mine with keybindings and sound effects for a more immersive experience.

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