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    Question MySQL 5.1 database reset (need assistance, pls)

    Hello, after wasted two days, I decided to ask for help here. I'm running Battle of immortals server for my personal experience. It is working and everything was fine until I decided to clear server from existing characters and items (do wipe). Server is running two side windows side and linux side (CentOS on vitual box).

    Ok, here we go. Inside Centos I have mysql all the information related to characters are stored here, but can't find any way how to reset everything to zero, and keep server running. The only tip I managed to find during long time is that I need to dump database clean it or whatever (my english isn't perfect, but the guy typed only two words, I try to add his quote"quote") -The same as I got, the problem is solved. that's because the database in mysql is not complete, use mysql dump clean, delete all the old database with the new database, you can play without problems in character creation.)

    When I log to mysql and check databases there are 8 databases if count sql + schema + test. 3 of the databases are kinda similiar with same (almost) tables, removing any of them cause errors.

    I tried to do mysqldump -u login -p -d (tried with and w/o -d) dbname >(export/import)< name.sql then drop and create new database whoch was shengui (so I had only two (empty_shengui and shengui (new)), still this way lead me to 1060 error with duplicate columns... I'm kinda lost today. If anybody could help me a little. My knowledge about mysql is very low to none.

    My database names are:

    I guess I need to do something with that empty_shengui and delete rest shengui databases, but last I tried was dump empty_shengui database, then delete shengui and shenguiex, re-create shengui and import that dumped file. But that also led me to error, of duplicate columns...

    shengui shenguiex and empty_shengui have nearly same tables 70-72, rest have different ones. So probably I have to deal with those three. I want to make server fresh and new, remove all existing characters, gold, items. I can't believe it's that troublesome :-/

    If this would helpful I do dump like this, exactly mysqldump -u name -p dbname > anyname.sql. what if i add -d that stand for dump database without data, but that seem doesn't help me anyway. AAAAAA I'm lost. Help, please. Any tip.

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