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    Private Server Worth Playing....

    We gamers are often downloading and playing private server games.. and we always end up getting bored and uninstalling the games we have downloaded and played for a week and it is somewhat kind of a waste of time... In this thread i would like all of your cooperation and help in order to also help other gamers out there to know what are the good private server games worth playing and downloading... and hopefully they wont waste their time and effort....


    - Zhyper MU
    - we all know that Zhyper Mu has already been online for how many years and it hasn't been down for as long as i can remember, well maybe it goes up down in the rankings, but still it didn't go down. It has a stable community, a stable economy, and most of all a stable server.


    - Play DGN -
    - well for now this is the only dragon nest private server out there.. and we somehow of don't have any choice if we don't like this server or not, but still it has a not so good community, people are not so helpful to the beginners, a not so stable economy,the prices are going up down in a flick of a finger... but still it is playable.

    Feel free to add and comment, and hopefully we can update this soon..
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    there are alot of new games coming already :p

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