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    [News] 2D cross-platform action RPG - Nyrthos

    Nyrthos is 2D cross-platform action RPG developed by BeerDeer games that offers gameplay inspired from the Diablo and Gothic series. In the game, players are expected to pick up new skills or abilities, kill monsters, enjoy level up and loot, which constitutes the core trait of Nyrthos.

    Release Date: October 31, 2012
    Publisher: BeerDeer
    Developer: BeerDeer
    Genre: RPG

    Not only does Nyrthos offer the mechanics such as “fight, loot, and craft” as commonly seen in RPGs, but it features a day, night and weather cycle that has a great influence on the world. Moreover, it puts many other RTS elements that allow players to manage their village and handle resources, creating a hybrid experience, which, in the developer’s words, are quite uncommon in today’s games on the market.

    In the alpha version, there are two modes – Survival and Arena – both of which gives players full privilege to choose 4 schools of spells, abilities and maps.

    The game is set to release at t October 31, 2012 for web browsers with a price set at $9.99.

    Play Nyrthos

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