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    [News] Cross-platform MMORTS - Saga Kingdoms

    Saga Kingdoms is an upcoming free to play Cross-platform MMORTS being developed by Gnome Templar. The game is built with Unity engine that makes it possible to run the game on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

    Release Date: N/A
    Publisher: Gnome Templar
    Developer: Gnome Templar
    Genre: MMORTS

    In the game, players are able to choose from one of six factions (Nature, War, Light, Machines, Magic, Undead) and each faction has its own primary races yet with different abilities and looks. The main purpose of the game is to construct buildings that provide additional benefits, recruit heroes that lead troops to battle against other players, as well as loot or craft magic items through quests and ultimately for the power over various territories.

    In spite of being a free to play title, Saga Kingdoms offers some purchasable items that serve as either cosmetics or power-ups that could not be effective for an advantage in PVP. This make sure the game is fun and engaging in a fairly balanced world.

    Taking on most of previous Saga features, Saga Kingdoms also expands with a package of magic items that players can be equipped with in more slots than it was in Saga.

    Currently, the game is funded in KickStarter.

    Play Saga Kingdoms

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