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    [News] Gun Bros 2 twin-stick shooter game

    Gun Bros 2 is a new sequel to the downloadable twin-stick shooter game Gun Bros from the prolific mobile game developer Glu Mobile, which publishes many famous titles such as shooting game Bombshells: Hell’s Belles and role playing game Eternity Warriors 2.

    Release Date: September 21, 2012
    Publisher: Glu Mobile
    Developer: Glu Mobile
    Genre: Shooter

    If you would play those 3D shooters using consoles to command your characters, Gun Bros 2 might disappoint you. While if you are looking for a free to play shooter with the virtual twin stick control, Gun Bros 2 may bowl you over in many ways.

    Sticking with the original gameplay of Gun Bros, Gun Bros 2 concerns more about improved graphics and dazzling effects that feel more intuitive than they were. It has a nice feel for the color of environment and the animation of moving objects and weapon effects.

    In Gun Bros 2, each mission has a flock of alien creatures to attack, and most of the missions end with a boss fight. The boss, which tends to come attack when its alien armies are all eliminated, is not the toughest compared with the masses of its aggressive followers. It leaves you more room to dodge the upcoming attacks at a safe distance. If the big boss is defeated, you will win the battle and get whatever you’ve looted. However, if you fail to survive among offensive enemy troops on the way, It is more likely to lose everything you’ve looted.

    The customization is packed with stylish armory suite and weapons that not only make you invulnerable in face of enemies, but look different. Specifically, you have the options to use the MOD to equip you with distinctive gear. Since the game is free to play, you can only loot some basic items and armor with lower attributes. If you want powerful weapons, or better equipment, you will have to buy them with real money. A threshold that hinders you to complete as many missions as you expected is perhaps the health bar, which cannot refill up using the potions as in RPG games. In fact, you there is no option to let you buy potions or elixir, but you will be allowed to revive your character on spot at the cost of Xplodium. In a word, if you are not going to spend money to buy additional items, you must take care of your health facing the enemy’s attacks.

    During the battle, you will have your brotherhood to accompany you all the way. He can be your invulnerable aid to cover, attack and defend with no health limit. In between, there are some interesting pieces. For example, you can use ramps and jumps to move from one location to another to avoid the enemy’s attack. If you are not used to the controls in the battle at the very beginning, you may pause your current battle and think twice before proceeding.

    Gun Bros 2 is a fun and challenging game that tries to cater to as many casual mid-core players as possible, even if you do not spend any money, you could feel the same experience with the paying gamers.

    Play Gun Bros 2

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