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    [News] Jolly Grim - collectible card game

    Jolly Grim is a collectible card game (CCG) from GameSamba behind titles such as Remnant Knights, Lady Popular, Shadowland Online and Khan Wars.

    Release Date: September 20, 2012
    Publisher: GameSamba
    Developer: GameSamba
    Genre: Card

    Since Jolly Grim is a CCG, you will be able to collect as many cards as you want. There are over 200 cards available, each of different functions, including attacks, moves and other actions. Interestingly, each card has a fairytale character or a mythological monster on it, which makes it possible for the cards to remain in your hand until their HPs are zero.

    What sets Jolly Grim apart are the detailed and complicated functions of the cards. You can pretty much get the whole idea by having a simple glimpse of any card. You will know how much HP it has left, what damage it could cause and whether it could endure the coming attack. Also, though this is a merely a card game, you can still enjoy the battling visuals once the characters or monsters come out of the cards and make the actions.

    To make it better, you won’t be attending dozens of games against the same background. Instead, you can enjoy your RTS gaming experience as well as admiring the varying scenario which serves as a delight itself.

    Since the game is still in the very closed beta, and we are not allowed to publicly post articles regarding the game's test and review. So the full review may not be available until the open beta is released.

    Play Jolly Grim

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    Is vintage stock having anything to do with this? just curious

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