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    [News] Wings of Destiny - browser-based MMORPG

    Wings of Destiny is a browser-based MMORPG from China-based IGG behind Facebook-based MMO such as Moonlight Online, Age of Titans and Dawn of Darkness. Although the game is browser-based, it amply displays what a client-based MMO is primarily characterized by such as stunning graphics, four basic classes, action-packed gameplay, dungeon exploring, Siege War and etc..

    Release Date: September 13, 2012
    Publisher: IGG
    Developer: IGG
    Genre: MMORPG

    It would be so easy to follow the quests and make progress in Wings of Destiny. The reason is it has the same basic gameplay as that of Soul of Guardian, Crystal Saga, Mythic Saga and Serenia Fantasy. You will explore a world full of dangers and challenges, rush from one map to another, talk with NPCs, accept quests and go collecting designated objects or battle against a certain type of baddies or monsters.

    Yes, you can go all the way by clicking the underlined contents, quest targets or NPCs concerned, in the quest tracking bar on the right. Your avatar, a Knight, Hunter, Mage or Priest, would run towards the destination. Thankfully, you don’t have to find the way yourself – the world consists of quite a few maps which can easily confuse you and put you in no position to find any of the NPCs or enemies in question.

    The avatar is always in a hurry but that doesn’t mean it would soon arrive where you need it. That would always take some time and that’s why the wing tips are necessary – though they bear a new name, those are exactly the flying boots or whatever they call in Odin Quest, Soul of Guardian and other similar games. Those wing tips can transport you directly from wherever you are to the destination, as long as the destination is not a dungeon, making the traveling quite convenient and time-efficient. The only problem is that, they are limited in number and once you run out of them, you can only purchase more with real money or complete more quests hoping the rewards might include such items.

    Actually, Wings of Destiny offers a surprising start – you know how peaceful it is when an RPG game starts, even when the world or whatever is under serious threats. Normally, you only piece together what has happened by having conversations with NPCs. However, in Wings of Destiny, you enter the game and see blood and dead bodies everywhere and the wish to do something occurs to your mind spontaneously, which makes it more acceptable to run errands and slay enemies in later experiences.

    What also helps make the traveling and killing thing more enjoyable is the varied sceneries of the maps. You run through dungeons, forests, palace, towns and villages, all of which were drawn in a stunningly realistic style, though the pictures sometimes can be unclear especially when the character is in motion. The luxurious palace hall where dozens of guardians are on duty, the west wing where several books shelves are filled with books, and the canyon where venomous spiders are lurking all look vivid and good enough to keep you in the mood.

    Like many games that are released recently, Wings of Destiny offers the opportunity for players to battle against each other in the arena and to spin the Lucky Roulette. The latter only allows for one free spin and if you would like to test your luck any more, you would have to pay real money.

    It is a pity that aside from the dazzling graphics throughout the game, there is nothing special enough to blow our mind or keep me focused.

    Play Wings of Destiny

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