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    [News] Rubber Tacos - fun strategy catapult-shooting game

    Rubber Tacos is a fun strategy catapult-shooting style game developed by Sava Transmedia. In the game, players use a trampoline to launch a small avatar at peppers stationed in midair or on various structures, with the intention of getting all the peppers on the playing field(Depending on how many peppers you can get in a stage, you earn up to five peppers),and finally get it to the designated destination. Rubber Tacos gameplay is incredibly easy to understand: You use the left mouse button to guild the trampoline left and right, click hold the button and pull the mouse back to increase the trampoline’s power, then let go of the button to shot the small figure. The further you drag the mouse,the more powerful the shot.

    Release Date: September 8, 2012
    Publisher: Sava Transmedia
    Developer: Sava Transmedia
    Genre: Shooter

    Rubber Tacos may not be the best of catapult-shooting game, but once you start delving into its challenges of ever-increasing difficulty, you will be glad of the control that provides you with the finesse needed to complete the task. Basically, your power and trajectory determine whether you can accurately control the avatars to catch peppers and land them safely on the final destination. In the stages, there are some tricky sets like rubber bands and deadly traps like bombs and cactus which players have to bypass. So, your avatar will bounce off the rubber bands, then fly up the adjustable ramp , hit into the other rubber band at the right angle, and again it will bounce off the rubber band, fly across the sky in a elegant curve to get a few peppers in a row, and finally safely land on the designated zone.

    The game introduces a gravity element right from the start, with a lot of new and interesting game mechanics revealing themselves as you progress through the course of the game’s 100+ levels. For example, players will unlock more playable characters, each of whom possesses different powers: One is capable of adding a magnetical pull to the landing area of the stage. So when players use this ability, they don’t necessarily have to precisely land on the platform; and the other power will disclose the dotted line which indicates the trajectory of the avatar. Those special powers can give players a real edge. However, they are limited in use and you will have to pay your money to replenish them. But despite these advantages, I still found myself struggling to complete one of the later levels. As I checked out one of the new mechanics during the subsequent tutorial, which enables me to reposition the various rubber bands you leap from. Then I believed that it made the game a bit more difficult for me. After trail-and-error in a certain stage, in response, the system kindly reminded me whether I need to skip the level or not. It’s also a finite ability, but the one I feel will prevent players from quitting in frustration.

    Another noticeable feature in the game is the stage editor, through which you can create and share your own levels for all to play. With the tool, you can create really hellish difficult levels that are able to mess with your friends (jerks) , but you cannot create a stage that is impossible to complete, due to the fact that you will have to complete your level successfully before you can upload it to share with others.

    Overall, Rubber Tacos features fun and addicting gameplay that never suffers from lag or server instability. Powers and skills are available to be used freely but not free of charge. It condenses Rubber Tacos gameplay down into extremely pleasing one-minute chunks. The large amount of stages encourage repeat play and gives players feeling of progression.

    Play Rubber Tacos

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