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    [News] Cyber Monster - Free turn-based MMORPG

    Cyber Monster is a free to play turn-based MMORPG for browsers, delivering an adventure-packed experience in the vibrant and brightly fantasy world where players role play cute characters to raise pets, learn magical skills, and challenge living opponents or NPC monsters.

    Release Date: September 19, 2012
    Publisher: NGames
    Developer: PopPace
    Genre: Browser MMORPG

    The game is developed by PopPace and published China-based NGames, which has successfully published anime series games like Pockie Ninja 2 Social, Pockie Ninja 2 Original, and Pockie Pirates.

    Anime style MMO can be fun and even it more often than not disappoints gamers with predictable gameplay, “Pay to Win” business model, and almost endlessly grinding to slay monsters. Eventually, the enjoyment gives way to boredom and frustration.

    The motivation to rebuild the same game using a different title may be as ubiquitous as Made-in-China products can be found in every middle class’s family. From Caesary to Call of Roma, Crystal Saga to Crystal Legacy, Dawn of Darkness to Dragon’s Call II, it seems such business is prevailing among Chinese minds. Cyber Monster is just rebuilt from Tamer Saga from PopPace.

    Like a lot of Chinese browser MMORPGs, Cyber Monster does not deserve a second of your life.

    Play Cyber Monster

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