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    [CBT] Iris Online

    Iris Online
    Iris Online is 3D fantasy MMORPG with a gypsy theme. Players can chose between three races and can explore the anime inspired world of Arcana. Experience a unique environment centered on 22 tarot cards including The Fool, The Chariot, and Wheel of Fortune.

    Publisher: gPotato
    Playerbase: Medium
    Graphics: High Quality
    Type: MMORPG
    EXP Rate: Medium
    PvP: Duels / Colosseum Matches
    Filesize: ~ 2400 mb

    Pros: +3 playable races, 6 starting classes. +Unique tarot card feature. +Transform into monsters using cards. +Themed instanced dungeons.

    Cons: -Limited inventory space. -Familiar gameplay and character progression. -Visual style may not appeal to some players.

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    Iris Online Overview

    Iris Online is a free to play MMORPZG developed by Eyasoft, the same studio behind Luna Online. Like Luna, Iris boasts a cute anime inspired visual style. But don’t let the graphics fool you, Iris Online is a full feature MMORPG with a unique gypsy theme. Tarot cards effect much of the world, including the 22 instanced dungeons which each have a different theme based off one of the cards. Players can collect monster cards off almost any enemy in the game and use them to transform into those monsters. PvP battle zones pit up to 15 players near the same level against each other. Players progress by gaining experience and skill points. The game has a variety of races and classes to chose from.

    Human - Easily adaptable race that possess great strength and excels at technology.

    Fighter - Fighters rely on brute strength and large weapons to deal heavy damage at melee range.
    Mage - Arcane spellcasters who fight from a distance. They can buff allies, but are fragile in combat.

    Hybrid - Half human, half animal. Hybrids have high strength and stamina though their knowledge of magic is limited.

    Warrior - Equipped with heavy armor, Warriors are always at the forefront of battle where they can defend their allies.
    Rogue - Shrewd combatants that rely on speed and cunning. Rogues exploit vulnerabilities in their opponents.

    Elf - Elves are the oldest race in Arcana. They have unmatched knowledge and an affinity for nature

    Ranger - Trackers and outdoors men. Rangers are masters of stealthy movement and the bow.
    Shaman - Masters of fire, air, earth, and water magic. Shamans can summon elementals to aid them.


    -Sources from Mmohut

    Protection: GameGuard

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