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    Conquer Online New Expansion - Better Balance for All Class!

    I’ve played lots of games down the road, and of course Diablo III. I play on a Wizard, searching for the items, but the past few days a new update of Conquer Online intrigued me, which is its new expansion “The Dawn of New War - Class Redefinition”, in which the balance for all the classes is far more better now, particularly the Warriors get its share of power with two new defensive skills, while the Ninjas have three new deadly moves added to its offensive arsenal.

    So I got on my old Warrior & Ninja on Dragon server, the oldest server, and tried out the new stuff. Oops! I was like, it really changed everything! And my War can play a significant role in the PvPs, which is really to my liking, and becomes so much more fun! Right now I’m here to call my old friends who are lurking around to come back to Conquer Online, fighting with me!

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