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    Unhappy How do married men play Diablo 3?

    I've been gaming since 1996, since I got my first computer (this is not including nintendo), I met my wife 6 years ago...she knew I was a gamer and she still went out with me, now we argue a lot because she is constantly trying to change me or make me hold my daughter, and I'm like "can't you see I'm busy?" and she is all like "She is your daughter, whats more important the game or her" and I'm all like "Does the game cry?, Does the game constantly yell out I want mommy? no, NO IT DOESN'T" and next thing I know my daughter is hitting my keyboard because she is already in my lap and my wife isn't there anymore. What can I do?

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    Everybody also married men has time to spare. You simply have to manage your life better. Playing everyday.. not possible. Playing enough to have fun and also have a happy wife, kids etc... that is possible.

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