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    took out the same

    Wu Yun feel swallowed a fly but also corrupt mood.This bad atthe beginning is not suggesting that this is a bad luck day?

    The bus finally arrived she had checked a good site, Wu Run out of the car, see around the city center so modern a house are a bit old.

    She went to a small roadside ] nfl jerseys authentic [/url]
    shop to buy a bottle of water, the way the location of the next repair shop.

    "In front of Auto Parts Center, passed Guaige Wan to."

    WU Run all the way to find the past, and finally saw a lot of open space, stopped the car of a dozen old and new mixed among them That red hair Ai-ai-feng Fan.Behind the row of houses, above, take a tin shed, hanging a few paint characters: a cis auto parts.

    Always non-Mao Ai-ai brand-name do not actually own the car to get this place to repair, Wu Yun some down glasses.

    Although it is early summer, but some ] cheap authentic jerseys [/url]
    hot afternoon sun.Wu Yun felt a burst of heat under the tin shed, straight from the neck Hanliaoliangsheng hurried toward the cottage, but it is no one answer.

    "Is anyone there to pick up the car!"

    Wu Yun, wiping his brow the sweat dripping down from a positive side after lifting jack up the car, want to go look.The end of the carriage but suddenly held out a pair of legs, almost did not Wu Yun stumble.Soon, an approximately 21 1978 wearing a bar full of greasy jeans man drilled out from under the vehicle.

    His upper body bare, dark brown skin covered with sweat, a few also along the front abdominal muscles all the way to roll into the waist of the jeans.

    Wu Yun watching me, looked up and found in front of the mechanic is frowned an unfriendly way, they also withdrew her eyes towards him t ] nfl jerseys wholesale [/url]r
    shake under their own hands the car single: "I came to pick upcar. you here call repaired.

    The man then over glanced at, leaving the hands of the pliers, and turned toward the chamber, where the drawer and took out the same traces of oil stains the book, bang the throw Wu Yun-front.

    "A thousand signatures."

    Wu Yun-sign their own name, the number 10 Zhang tickets handed over.The man took over, looked at it they even book a throw back ] nfl jerseys wholesale[/url] o to the drawer, turned out, only to leave her a full sweat back, around the time of Wu Yun Wu Yun-Wen to a wave of a mixture of oil andsweat of intense flavor.

    This year, Deputy good bladder Niubi Donghonghong stinking auto repair work is no exception.

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