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    Jade Dynasty Legacy expansion

    Perfect World Entertainment announced a new expansion to its free-to-play martial-arts MMORPG, Jade Dynasty.

    In Jade Dynasty: Legacy, players explore the secretive Incense Valley while fighting through the massive multi-staged instance, which is larger than any other dungeon currently available in this game.

    Key features include:
    • Two New Classes: Players can now choose between the powerful, fire-wielding Incense Valley Mages and the crippling, melee-astute Forta.
    • New Instance: The Crimson Peaks Voidland is the largest instance in Jade Dynasty, designed for groups of 10-25 players to face its many dangers and claim its secreted rewards.
    • Character Visuals: Character creation has been reworked, providing new visual examples of each faction, new starter fashions and even the ability to preview high-level armor sets.
    • Balance and Enhancement: Several facets of gear and combat have been reworked, from rebalanced factions skills to stronger Ethereal and Celestial gear.
    • Content Updates: New wedding and seasonal events, more items available for exchange with new Jade types, and more easily attainable Treasure Boxes are but a few of the many other changes.

    For more information about Jade Dynasty: Legacy, or play the beta, visit: Jade Dynasty – Free Fantasy MMORPG | Play Free Online Video Games

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